Which basketball games to watch during quarantine?

It was a along time from my last post. During this time I was thinking new ideas for my blog. During quarantine time I watched a lot of basketball games in YouTube, TV. I would love to share my  ideas to watch some games from the past with everyone. My Eyes from the bench (this time sofa)  will focus games Europe and USA games. It was really nice to relive, review or see new games from the past, of course you have too to be patience, because games back in a day were slower. By the way the list will not include games witch were played now during NBA bubble, and new Euroleague season.

Basketball games to watch from NBA 

If you are true NBA fan, and would love to see Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant playing together  in 2000’s so this game is for you. Western conference finals: Lakers vs Blazers game seven. Intense game, very high level of players in their prime.  If you watched this game before at least you have to watch last quarter. So much drama, emotion in one game for the Finals place who plays vs Eastern champs.

If you more a want to watch basketball from past decade I recommend you watching NBA finals from 2011. Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat. You will see basketball trio of Lebron James, D. Wade and Chris Bosh vs Dirk Nowitzki with roster full of talent. These Finals are the first for the trio. Mavericks trying to win first NBA title.  First game is set in hot Florida.

Basketball games to watch from Euroleague

If you are more Europe basketball Hooper and prefer games with different rules of basketball your eyes should focus on Euroleague. In Euroleague there is no series for the championship cup. There is final four.  I choose game between top team in Europe Moscow “CSKA” vs Olympacios giants from Greece. One game, one winner, one loser sadly. I can spoil you that this game has wining shot. Also this game in neutral arena in Istanbul, so no home crowd, just fans from both teams are  in arena, witch you cannot see in NBA arenas a lot.

Not leaving  Final four ahead of us, I had been watching other finals of Euroleague. The drama in finals always more better for the fans, and league. This game again featured CSKA and  Ulker team from Istanbul. Game with overtime, and a lot scoring for both teams.

So this is my short list of epic games from Basketball history. I could mention more, but maybe other time. Hope this help you find  games to watch  during pandemic and where eyes relives little of both Europe and  USA basketball history.