When basketball started in my life?

In early 1999’s my attention hyped to basketball. Of course the hype started early in back in day Lithuania, much more back.. But I will leave it for another story. You can see in outside basketball courts hoppers playing till night it self began. Myself tried to shoot some hoops, but it was tragic jump shot, but it was fun just to be outside. I remember my brother and father found old hoop and hammered to the wooden boards with big two sticks. I was competed with my brother, despite level of basketball different. Slowly my level of basketball was growing. I started to watch basketball on TV. It was a realy exciting. The games have been translated on national television. I found excited to watch it every day, and missed games when season was off during the summer. After watching games on TV.

First game watching from the sports hall

Basketball game
Basketball game

Firstly, I noticed in my hometown newspaper there is a game in sports hall. Happy I was that day! Dad bought me and my brother tickets. The sports hall in my hometown has just 2000 audience sports hall. I have been waiting that day all week. All sports hall was full. For me it was amazing to see the full crowd. I get passed people with my brother to our seat. Seat was like a real bench, made from wood. The game was tense. Players were taller then I saw from the TV. Crowd noise was
louder also. You can see emotions change minute by minute. Sadly, hometown team lost, but I was happy although.
After the game home team thanked the fans. After that I looked at basketball games more and more (live and ont TV), started to look games not just from local league, but abroad on TV. That’s is my short story!