What are some fun basketball games to play?

It’s a long time since I write here a blog. I was busy, with work, an also gaming!
Do you want to be Lebron James, Nikola Jokic or Steph Curry for one day? Heh, you can be everyone.
Today in world of gaming, sports games are not only there, but also changed over time to new level of playing gaming.

Basketball video gaming

Most popular basketball game on PC, and games consoles is NBA 2K21. The game not only focus on men basketball but has women basketball mode. If you want player mode, you can create player and develop into superstar like Lebron James or Steph Curry. Also, if you want to bring all the best players today’s NBA, and past. In one team Evolution of cards is multicolored, and full of various packs where you can get cards. Also, you can create your team’s name, logo, court, trade cards or sell players to auction. There’s also mode for playing with friends, or online multiplayer.

User experience

From my point of view, game is developed good, comparing from old releases of the game. Check out my video of me playing with my onw team, branded with arena, logo, jerseys all of them eyes from the bench name!